Monday, October 18, 2010


More than 55 years in one city
and only four earthquakes
until about six weeks ago
when there was a ferocious one
followed by, so far, 2000 aftershocks.
The earth, like an injured animal,
is containing within itself the pain
but from time to time
rears up against it.

With the earth jerking
and shuddering under our feet
and our houses cork-screwing
upon their foundations,
how are we to maintain
we are of any account
in the scheme of things?
We can rebuild our houses
but how are we to restore our shattered confidence?


  1. Diana, You speak so eloquently for everyone in ChCh; such strong and frequent aftershocks must be so unsettling and worrisome. Friends with homes there say that the aftershocks are causing as much damage as the original quake. We hope that things return to normal soon. Love, Diane and Dick

  2. Dear Diana,
    As I sit over here on the other side of the world, I continue to worry about how you and the people of Christchurch are coping with the loss of the security of the kind earth you have had for so long. Earthquakes were tame affairs when we were growing up. Do you remember how we used to welcome the occasional earthquake at ChCh Girls High School, as we evacuated onto Cranmer Square, missing half an hour or so of work and pleased at the unusual interruption in our daily classes? Never did we think that such a massive quake could hit our safe homes. So many aftershocks--I hope your house is as solid as ever.

    Love, Diony