Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Common Ground

I am not pioneering,

nor charting new territory.

Each and every one of us

at one time will find ourselves

traversing the same terrain.

It's just that I speak freely,

feel compelled to acknowledge

every landmark, identify

each passing phase.

Many prefer to maintain silence;

very well, if they encounter my work,

they can turn their heads away.

I will be content if, one day,

my words can bring comfort

to one person in dire need.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pain killers!

Today I faced a turning point:

do I continue on my journey

or compromising myself,

swerve aside on to a path

which might take for ever

to rejoin the main highway?

Such choices occur four times a year.

This time was easy: I followed

my usual routine and decided

not to make a decision,

which sets me free until July 1st

I am still on track, no asides,

no interruptions