Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Common Ground

I am not pioneering,

nor charting new territory.

Each and every one of us

at one time will find ourselves

traversing the same terrain.

It's just that I speak freely,

feel compelled to acknowledge

every landmark, identify

each passing phase.

Many prefer to maintain silence;

very well, if they encounter my work,

they can turn their heads away.

I will be content if, one day,

my words can bring comfort

to one person in dire need.


  1. Diana there is nothing 'common' about your approach to words, or to life for that matter. And although we do all share similar phases as you say, we don't all acknowledge them. I think your words bring more than comfort, they bring much needed hope and perspective. Much love, Beth.

  2. I agree with Beth. Your words always bring the comfort which comes from knowing someone is brave enough to express the truth about life and death. I always appreciate the fact that your site is called 'mylivinganddying'. It is very well named. These are the two things we all do with varying degrees of success. As far as I am concerned, your contentment is already more than well-earned - several times over.
    With love

  3. Diana, I'm sure that many more than you know have already been touched and moved to go deeper into themselves through your blog and your books. So many of us now look with more educated eyes into the precious, fleeting now of a bird's flash of eye or whirl of wing. Our gardens, outer and inner, are the dearer for our seeing them through your words. love, diane