Monday, April 11, 2011

A Musical Journey For Anthony

Everywhere I looked,

I saw limits and restrictions;

there seemed to be no options.

On the off chance, I tried

transforming my musical landscape:

Aeolian harps, at the wind's behest,

rippled across my garden;

a song cycle enclosed my words

in different textures

and a vibrancy of colour.

I found I had passed a milestone

on the labryrinthine journey.

I was restored to myself,

with an entirely new perspective,

a changed chiaroscuro.

The world had opened out once more.


  1. Hello Diana,
    I have stumbled on your Website while researching Secret Gardens pictures on the Web. (yours is simply divine with that Walnut tree) I took great pleasure in reasding many of your writings and thoughts on life. I admire your perspective and courage very much.

    Not that I am living the same thing as you but I myself am in the early stages of realizing I will probably will have pain all my life. I am now 30 and have some weaknesses with my cervical vertabreas which continuously causes me pinch nerves and hernias.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts so openly and publicly. As silly as it may sound, your writing has comforted me a whole bunch today. Thank you... I needed that today.*hugs*

  2. Diana, you write so well I almost feel I was there. It is amazing how music opens out the 'otherworld' so beautifully.
    I found the previous comment very moving too. You are a rock.