Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A kindy question

A four year old question:

How do you become a poet?”

A poet must stalk like a cat,

dive deep like a fish, soar upwards

like a bird. She must love words,

their movement and sound,

making them dance and sing, tip-toe

and whisper, galumph and shout.

Like the wind, she must ripple across

her garden, dappling

light and shade, turning leaves

inside-out to shine against the sky.

All this, with only words.


  1. Diana,
    What a joyous,exuberant description! It obviously sprang from the heart. If anyone were to ask me (unlikely!) I would recommend that it be part of each child's first exposure to poetry!
    love and admiration, Diane

  2. I think this would be a more than worthwhile addition to a children's poetry anthology. I really love it and will read it to my 4 yr old granddaughter when next I see her.