Friday, November 18, 2011

No Thoroughfare

My inner maze has blocked both ways;

I am cabin-fevered with sameness.

Myth would have it the goddess

is sitting cross-legged at my threshold.

If I am to dislodge her,

I need to loosen, undo, untie

fling open winter-shut doors and windows,

let in fresh air and sunlight.

But my courage and the goddess

have developed an inverse

symbiosis. I can have one

or the other, but not both at once.


  1. The illusion to the cross-legged goddess escapes me. I have 'googled' it with no luck, except there seems to be a Celtic connection. Is it possible to befriend this goddess and be granted a leave pass from time to time?

  2. The “goddess” is referred to in a book by Nor Hall, The Moon and the Virgin. Hall is very Jungian and is exploring the possibilities for women in terms of Toni Woolfe's four-fold typology. In a chapter called “Spiritual Pregnancy”, where she is discussing spiritual impotence and actual impotence, (she asks) “what Goddess is siting cross legged at the door” - page 102. She then goes on to describe many outer activities, such as untying shoe laces, undoing buttons, removing cartridges from a gun, unsheathing arrows, all of which are designed to free the inner self. Nor Hall draws her ideas from poems, folk tales and myth and probably more from ancient Greece than Celtic legends.

  3. Superb imagery and intense feelings encapsulated in your poem with great delicacy and profundity.