Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Ever

Because Paul was so young when he died,

and had such a free spirit,

I couldn't bear the thought

of his being in the dark ground

so we scattered his ashes on the hills

where he has been filled with light,

held together by snow and ice.

As I approach my own ending,

at times I feel sad that not anywhere

in the world is there a stone

that records his short life.

My most recent wistfulness

was brought on by a keening gull.

I thought of my own death; my grave will be

on land which will remember me,

where I've walked barefoot countless times

as a child, the brow of the hill,

above the ocean, with a stand of trees.

The gull's lament a warbler's trill

will be my companions

for the long silence.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful poem Diana. Have you thought of arranging to have a stone placed on the hillside, with some sort of engraved plaque? I feel for you because in a few months' time I want to have my mother's ashes scattered over a piece of land in WA which she loved, and I have been wondering about placing a plaqu there.
    Keening gulls sing such a long lament.
    With love