Thursday, May 24, 2012


God tests you only to the limits

of your strength.” That means an exam.

My mind goes back to a great hall,

tables and chair spaced out separately,

frazzled students waiting for the start command.

But thats not right; it will be

a take-home lifelong exam, with no concern

for the welfare of students, only for

the integrity of the subject.

Answers are absolute. You're competing

not with others but with yourself.

Many are called but few are chosen.”

That makes three categories:

called, uncalled and chosen.

And not our choice either.

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  1. Well Diana, I found your page by googling 'MS and loneliness'. I should have written 'Multiple Sclerosis' and avoided the 'Ms Loneliness' pages!
    However, I'm going to read your blog every week or thereabouts and keep you in mind. (I'm 57, have had PPMS for 22 years so I know a bit about being the subject. I do have a website, to sell my books, it's Sometimes it's enough to know that somebody is thinking about you ... and that will be me, sometimes.