Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am being hollowed out by pain,
which leaves an emptiness to be filled.
That's not why I'm wracked with pain,
but maybe I can put the wracking
to a good end. I can choose,
choose freely. No, that's not right.
It's not my choice; it's been given to me,
a mixture of genetic strength,
social mores and education.

So, here I am, praying
that the emptiness will be filled,
that the mirror of my perception
will be polished and shine brightly
even in the blackest of hours.


  1. I am speechless regarding your pain. But I continue to hope with you for pain-free time and perception flooding your day with light as your poems do for others.
    Much love

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    1. I am sure it will, and with less effort than you might think.
      You see from my perspective you have always naturally seen the beauty in all aspects of life (especially in art and nature) and been able to share that so beautifully with others.
      I think this is your natural filler, if you like.
      Consider your mirror ready-polished...just needing a few cobwebs brushing off from time to time?
      Much love,
      Beth X