Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blogging/commenting advice to friends

This is Rachel’s advice as to how to respond to a blog:

To solve it, the easiest way is to get a Gmail account, if you don't have one already. Just go here, and click on the button "Create an account": ask for a Gmail account. Be sure to remember your login details! (You never need to use this email address again, and they won't bother you.)Then you can easily comment on Diana's blog, then on the button "Comment on", select "Google Account". It'll be very, very easy now!

Please, some of my friends think that now I have entered Bloggdom, it is the only way I will communicate. But it just that I will use it for general messages and poems. Anything personal and private will still be sent by email and I have no trouble reading my friends emails.


  1. It was wonderful to see you earlier this month, and you were looking so good and sounding strong. Alas, the time went by so quickly--so much to catch up on. I had not realized that you had had such an especially difficult few months, Diana dear, but you did not show it and were your warm, welcoming, interested, and sharply observant self. I hope that the gerbera lasted a while to brighten your room, and I shall picture you at Christmas surrounded by glass birds inside and watching live birds on your feeders.

    It has been hard to "put aside" my lovely New Zealand visit and re-orient myself back to life in Geneseo, New York. At least I didn't plunge back into bitterly cold weather. But since getting home, I've been swamped with submissions for the journal, so there was much catching up to do, as expected. Then we had Thanksgiving celebrated on Nov. 26 at our daughter Erinna and family's home in Rochester. It was a wonderful turkey dinner to which many contributed (8 adults and 4 children) accompanied by some excellent N.Z. wines, of course.

    I hope you have a good summer, in which your creative juices will continue to flow with more memorable poems. I will think of you and wish you a successful journal response.

    Love, Diony

  2. Congratulations on getting me a gmail account!
    Your site is looking great and the 'blog alert' idea will work for me. See you soon. luv b