Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Reception

Blog is an unfortunate word.
If I said I was updating my journal
I would receive smiles
of interest and approval.
But I am blogging
and it feels as if
I am addressing an empty hall.
I do not require rounds of applause
or even Rite of Spring riots,
just a nod of acknowledgment
to reassure me
that someone in the hall
is listening.

This poem is now out of date as dear Rachel is rechristening my ‘blog’, ‘journal’. It shows the power of poetry. One poetic complaint and the world has changed.


  1. OK

    I am trying to comment.

    It is sent through my normal email.

    Now trying out this commenting.

  2. I'm listening! I think 'blog' is not just an unfortunate word but a very ugly one. It sounds like a cross between 'bog' and 'log'. Perhaps both are very early Briton words and therefore expressive like some of their four letter word counterparts but I would prefer another word and am trying to think of one.
    The companion word 'chat' is ok - 'come in for a cuppa and a chat' but would one ever say 'come in for a cuppa and a blog'?
    Anyway this is a lovely website and I am beginning to get over password problems. All strength to you Diana and congratulations on your successful poetic complaint!
    love Jacquie