Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haiku Moments

the dark midnight hour
my body rigid and cold
the cat snuggles closer

no good harping on and on
I’m alive not dead
let’s talk about the light

as the sea mist rolls in
I trace out the shape of my life –
the cat inscrutably sleeps

a life in waiting –
Michelangelo’s slave
straining out of the stone

I pause at the threshold
which direction shall I look?
back to the past or onwards

late afternoon
light on the walnut tree -
the balm of living

criss-crossing water
morning barge passes
soon pure reflection

looking up from book
music peach blossom seagulls –
the whole world stands still

1 comment:

  1. Diana,
    Lovely, lovely poem. The Michelangelo image is wonderful. A synchronicity-for the first time in years I was attempting a haiku day before yesterday and rereading some published by a friend of a friend- and today your poem written that same day.
    love, diane