Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today I bought a hedgehog
for one hundred and twenty dollars;
I don't usually dabble
on the hedgehog market
so I do not know the going price.
I think I've been ripped off.

The hedgehog, without compunction,
had slipped into my drain;
$120 is the call-out price
for a drain-layer.
It wasn't Beatrix Potter;
The hedgehog was in so sorry a state
I couldn't display it as a trophy
on my mantlepiece.

I feel I've been done in the eye.
How much would you pay for a hedgehog?

P.S. The hedgehog in the photo is not Diana's hedgehog. 
Original photo: Creative Commons licence, by Justin and Elise

1 comment:

  1. Did Mr, Mrs or Ms Tiggywinkle survive the ordeal? I would pay $120 for an echidna, which is near enough the same thing in Australia, were I into the native animal trade, which I'm not (it's illegal anyway!).
    I hope the hedgehog lived and you could enjoy it.