Thursday, April 4, 2013

Diana has died

Today at 4 AM, Diana slipped out of this life. She had scheduled 15 April as the day she would accept morphine for the unbearable pain she was suffering. On 4 April, she asked for morphine, knowing that after all these years, her poor body would not tolerate it easily. I am told that she was lucid yesterday, and died in peace and dignity.

Her funeral service is likely to be on Monday at 11 AM.

(This note contributed by Rachel McAlpine.)


  1. So soon after her last humour and life filled post. Very sad, despite the inevitability of this post. It's been a privilege to be following Diana's blog, just a shame I got to it so late; I'm going to miss her presence, words, wit, and the light in that walnut tree. Condolences to Diana's family, and yourself, Rachel, obviously her close friend.

  2. Thank you for this news, Rachel. Godspeed Diana. Godspeed.

  3. Thank you Rachel.

    Peace to you Diana from your neighbours in Bunyan St.

  4. My sister Susan McGreal passed away last July after a fifteen year fight with MS. Bless you all, bless all the caregivers who care for people with MS and most of all, bless Diana.
    Regards, Paul McGreal.