Friday, April 5, 2013

Funeral service

Hi to all,

Diana's funeral service will be held on this coming Tuesday 9th April, at 1pm at St. Augustine's Church at the following address:
5 Cracroft Terrace 

The best way to reach the church is to head onto Cracroft Terrace off Dyer's Pass Road. Please click on the link below if you wish to see where the chapel is on google maps.

Diana was brought home today and we (her carers) carried her into the house accompanied by a pair of fantails and under a light sprinkling of rain. She will rest at home until Tuesday; if you want to visit Diana during this time, please do so. There will be always someone in the house but if you prefer to call beforehand, this is the number: [64] (03) 3660 650

Thanks to everyone who has sent kind, caring messages either by email, blog or via the heart. We, her friends and family really appreciate the support. 

Warm regards 

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